Analysing the English Collections at the Pitt Rivers Museum

Explore the database of all the people associated with the Pitt Rivers English collections. This gives information about their lives; their education, careers, place of residence, and their network of friends and colleagues. Select the first letter of their surname from the list below.

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Abbot's Parlour

Abingdon Museum

Abrams, Henry Edward

Accum & Garden London

Acland, Henry Wentworth

Acland, William Allison Dyke

Acland Hospital

Acme Whistles

Acott and Company Ltd. , Sydney

Adair, Henry

Adams, Harold T. (possibly Harold Thomas)

Adams , Robert

Adams Trading Co Ltd., John

Addy, Sidney Oldall

Adelaide, Queen [of Saxe-Meiningen] [Adelheid Amalie Luise Therese Caroline]

Adler, Hermann

Aitken, Mr [Unknown first name]

Aked, George Dixon


Alexander, [Mrs][full version unknown]

Alfieri Picture Service

Allan, William

Allchin, Basil Charles

Allchin, E. probably Emma

Allchin, Gwladys Marguerite

Allchin, Jane Ann

Allchin, Louisa

Allcock and Co., [Samuel]

Allen, George W.G.

Allen, Ivor Michael

Allen, John Romilly

Allen , [full version unknown]

Allen's of Oxford

Allison, Harry

Ambler, Gifford

Ampleforth Abbey

Anderson, William Cliffe Foley

Andrade, Cyril A.

Andrade , Reginald

Annandale, Thomas Nelson

Anscombe, [Mrs] B.L.

Anson, William Reynell

Anstee, John

Anthropological Institute

Anthropological Society

Antique and Modern Furnishing Company

Apperley, [family]

Archer, S.

Archer-Houblon family, [full version unknown]

Arkell, Anthony John

Arkell, Daniel J.

Armourer's Company

Armstrong, Albert Leslie

Army and Navy C.S.L.

Arnett family, [full version unknown]

Arnold & Sons

Arnold Museum


Arrowsmith, P.O.

Artley?, [full version unknown]

Ashmolean Museum

Ashmolean Museum Heberden Coin Room

Ashton, F.W.

Associated Portland Cement Manufacturers Ltd.

Aston and Mander London

Astor, George or Georg

Astor and Co. / Astor and Horwood [same address], George

Atkinson, John Christopher

Attwells Birchfield Co. Ltd

Austen, Amy

Aveling, Stephen Thomas

Aveling, Thomas William Baxter

Avery , William and Thomas

Avon and Somerset Police Force

Ayres , F.H.

Ayrton, [Miss][full version unknown]

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