Analysing the English Collections at the Pitt Rivers Museum

Explore the database of all the people associated with the Pitt Rivers English collections. This gives information about their lives; their education, careers, place of residence, and their network of friends and colleagues. Select the first letter of their surname from the list below.

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Sabin, [Mr]

Sadd & Son of Cambridge, Robert


Salomon, M.

Sandklef, Albert

Sanger, James

Sansom, [full version unknown]

Sanson, F.G.

Sassoon, Hamo

Sassoon, Meredith

Saunders, M.

Saunders, Nicholas J.

Savart, Felix

Savige, I.

Savigny & Co

Sawyer, W.E.

Sayers, [Mr][full version unknown]


Scaysbrook, Nigel

Schmid, Joachim

Scholes, Percy A.


Scott, [Mr][full version unknown]

Scutt, [Mrs] E.M.

Sedding, E.D. probably Edward Douglas

Selfridge, Miss

Seligman, Brenda Zara

Seligman, Charles Gabriel

Seller I or II, Edward

Seppings, Robert


Shaftesbury Lord , [full version unknown]

Sharp, F.

Sharpe, Frederick

Sharpe, Montagu

Sharpe, Trustees of Frederick

Shaw, John

Shaw, William

Shelley , Frederick

Shelley, J.

Shelley, Pastorella C.M.

Shelley, [Miss] F.

Shelton, E.

Shepherd, [Mrs][full version unknown]

Shepherd and Woodward

Shepley, Edward

Sheppard, Joseph Brigstocke

Sherlock and Co.

Shilson, [Mrs] L.R.

Shorey, G.

Shortis, Robert

Silver, Steven or Stephen William

Silver, [Mrs] Steven or Stephen William [full name unknown but possibly Sarah Constance]

Simmonds, John

Simmonds, William

Simms, [Mrs] George [full version unknown]

Simpkin, Charles

Simpson, Christine N.

Simpson, Edward also known as Flint Jack

Sisson, Laurence I.

Skeat, Walter William

Skeat, Walter William

Skinner, Henry Devenish

Slade , [family][full versions unknown]

Sloane, Hans

Smart, Frank G. possibly Frank Jurtun

Smith, Bob Eagle

Smith, C.

Smith, Charles

Smith, Executors of Charles

Smith, G.E.

Smith, J. Wentworth

Smith, Jeremiah

Smith, Jessie Payne or Mary Payne

Smith, Reginald Allender

Smith, Richard

Smith, Sarah

Smith, Thomas

Smith, Worthington George

Smith, [Mrs] E.

Smyly, Aileen Grace

Smyly, Executors of Aileen Grace

Smyly, Philip Crampton

Snapp, Annette

Snare, Fred

Snow, Ann

Snow, J.

Society for the Propogation of the Gospel

Sollas, William Johnson

Sollas (previously Moseley), Amabel Nevill

Somerset , Aylmer H.T.H.

Somerset, William Horace Boscawen

Somerset, [Mr][full version unknown]

Somerset also known as Duke of Beaufort, Henry Adalbert Wellington FitzRoy

Somerset Archaeological Society

Somerset County Museum Taunton


Soulston, [Miss][full version unknown]

Southorn & Co, William

Spalding, Frederick

Spalding, William

Speake, Birgitte



Spiller, Reginald Charles

Spooner, William Archibald

St Giles Fair Oxford

St Mathurin, Suzanne Cassou de

Stacey, Gordon

Stafford, W.

Staffordshire Police Force

Stainbank, Robert

Stanley, C.J.

Stanley, Messrs W.F.

Stannier, [full version unknown]

Starck, Henry

Starr, Anna

Staunton, H.W.G. [Harry]



Stevens Auction Rooms

Stockham, G.

Stockwell, George

Stonebridge, A.J.W.

Stopes, Charles J.B.

Stopes, Henry

Storey, G.

Stretten, Charles J.D.

Strong, Peter

Stroud Museum

Stuart, [Queen] Anne

Stumpff , Johann Andreas


Sturrock, John

Sturrock, John

Sturrock, Mary

Style, Charlie

Sullivan, W.

Sutcliff, C.H.

Sutcliffe, Frank Meadow

Sutton, Jim

Swaine [F.A. Swaine Ltd ?] , Unknown

Swann, Emma


Swayne, G. possibly George C.

Symonds, H.P. [possibly Horatio Percy]

Symonds, Janet Catherine

Symondson, Henry

Symondson, Philip

Symons, Alphonse or Albert James Alroy

Symons, Victoria Emily

Individual's Details

[Mrs] Steven or Stephen William [full name unknown but possibly Sarah Constance] Silver

Career Museum Professional / Natural Historian / Businessman

Biography Her full name is probably [according to the 1901 census in which she is the only appropriately aged and located female] Sarah Constance Silver, aged 60 [that is twenty one years younger than her husband, so she might not be the right person] born in Holborn, London and living in Letcombe Regis, Berkshire. All items from Silver were previously displayed at the private museum at the Silver home in Letcomb Manor, Wantage. After retiring from his business, Silver devoted himself to his collection and private museum, his wife gave his collections to Oxford after his death (see her husband's entry for more information). [Alison Petch [as part of 'The Other Within' project 2006-9] 26/02/2007]

County Oxfordshire / London [Greater]

Relationship PRM Source

Archaeological or Ethnographic Ethnography Archaeology

Collected around 1905

Dates active Unknown, active 1906 possibly 1841?-?

Donated around 1906

English collections Firearm, powder flask, stone tools and weapons, model hand fire-engine, pottery vessels

Oxford Uni Education No

Oxford based Yes

English collection size 14

Connections Steven or Stephen William Silver / Oxford University Museum of Natural History