Analysing the English Collections at the Pitt Rivers Museum

Explore the database of all the people associated with the Pitt Rivers English collections. This gives information about their lives; their education, careers, place of residence, and their network of friends and colleagues. Select the first letter of their surname from the list below.

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Calkin, John Bernard

Camerer Kuss and Company

Campbell, Ake

Campbell, Ben

Campbell, Donald Fraser

Campbell, Iain Charles Gordon

Campbell, John Bartley

Campbell, [Mrs][full version unknown]

Cane, H.

Canning or Gordon-Canning, [Mrs] Gordon [full version unknown]

Cannon, Paul

Canziani , Enrico Francesco

Canziani, Estella Louisa Michaela

Canziani , Louisa [Starr]

Cape and Co. The Great Cash Drapers., F.

Cardew, Michael

Careby Rectory Museum

Carline, George Francis

Carline, George Reginald

Carmell's of Doncaster

Carr, F.H.

Carter, Roadnight

Carter, T.J. probably Thomas James

Cary, John

Cassell, [Mr] [full version unknown]

Casson, Frederick Michael

Cato, Edward

Caudwell, [Mr] [full version unknown]

Cave, Charles John Philip

Cecconi, Q.

Chamberlayne, Mary

Chambers, [Miss] J.

Champion, Unknown

Chanel Ltd.

Chaney, Josephine

Chaney, [Mrs] E.E.

Chaney, [Mrs] J.E.

Chapman, Charlotte

Chapman, Faith Spencer

Chapman, Frederick Spencer

Chapman, H.F.


Chappelow, Allan

Charlton, Forster


Checketts , [family][full versions unknown]

Cheltenham Museum


Chesterman, William

Chickley, [Mr][full version unknown]

Christ Church College University of Oxford

Christy, Miller probably Robert Miller


Churchill, E.J.

Civil Defence Supply


Clark, Andrew

Clark, B.

Clark, Earnest William

Clark , Mary

Clark possibly Clarke, George

Clarke, E.J.

Clarke, Louis Colville Gray

Clarke, Warren Hastings

Clarke but possibly Clark, Alfred

Clausen, Raymond Ernst

Clay, Richard Challoner Cobbe

Cleeve or Cleve

Clementi, [Lady] Marie Penelope Rose

Clifford, Elsie Margaret

Clough and Sons

Clouston, Ranald W.M.

Clutterbuck, James Charles

Clymer, [Mrs][full version unknown]

Coathupe, C.T.

Coathupe, Edwin Wise or Weise

Cocks, L.K.M.

Codrington , Henry

Codrington, Robert Henry

Coggins, George

Coghlan, Herbert Henery

Cole, [Lieutenant][full version unknown]

Colfox, William

Collection 2000 Ltd.

Collens , I.

Colles, Abraham

Collett, [Mrs.][full version unknown]

Collier, Alfred T.

Collier, Compton

Collins, J.

Collins, William

Collyer, Henry C.


Coltart, Alan Herbert

Coltart, [Mrs] [Alan Herbert][full version unknown]


Colvin-Smith, H.C.

Colvin-Smith, [Mrs] [full version unknown]

Conroy, John

Conroy, John Posonby

Constable, [Mr][full version unknown]

Cook and Co., Richard

Cooke, Marianne

Coon, Carleton Stevens

Cooper, J.R.

Cooper, Thomas

Coote, Jeremy

Copper Development Association

Cor or Corr, Robert

Cor or Corr, William

Corbett, Elsie

Corbey possibly Corby, J.R. possibly James R.

Corby, [Mr][full version unknown]

Corner, [Captain][full version unknown]

Cornford, Amanda

Corri, Adrienne

Cossar, James

Country Life

Courage, John Michell

Cousans, Frank B.

Cousins, Julia

Coutier, Leon

Coventon, A.C. or C.A. [possibly Charles Arthur]

Cowell, Wilfred Hammerton Antrobus

Cowley, Arthur Ernest

Cowper, H.S. [probably Henry Swainson]

Cox and Company , Messrs

Crabb, G.F.

Cramer, Anselm

Cramer and W. Sandbach

Cranmore Ethnological Museum

Cranstone, Bryan Allan Lefevre

Crawford, Osbert Guy Stanhope

Crawley, James

Crisp, Frederick Arthur

Critchley [father of Master Critchley], [Mr]

Critchley [Son of Mr. Critchley], [Mr] [full version unknown]

Cronshaw, George Bernard

Cross, James

Croston, Roger

Crowe, Chris

Crown Copper Company

Crowther, Dandeson Coates

Cuddington Parish Church Vicar and churchwardens

Cuff, John

Culpeper, Edmund

Cunnington, (Edward) Benjamin Howard

Cunnington, Maud Edith

Cunnington, [Captain][full version unknown] [possibly Edward]

Curill [possibly Currill], W.

Currie, Reginald C.W.

Currie [also known as Currie-Blyth], James Pattison

Curtis, W.J.

Curwen, Eliot

Curwen, Eliot Cecil

Cutouts Ltd

Cutter, Eva

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