Analysing the English Collections at the Pitt Rivers Museum

Explore the database of all the people associated with the Pitt Rivers English collections. This gives information about their lives; their education, careers, place of residence, and their network of friends and colleagues. Select the first letter of their surname from the list below.

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P. [unknown surname], [full version unknown] I.K.

Paget, Richard Arthur Surtees

Paine, Alfred Edward Winmiatt

Paine, William Henry

Palgrave, Francis Turner

Palin, Michael Edward

Palmer, William Mortlock

Parker, Charles James

Parker, F.J.

Parker, J.

Parker, James

Parker, Lynn

Parker / Parker of Oxford, William H.

Parkman, [Mr] [full version unknown]

Parmar, Bharti

Parsons, Catherine E.

Parsons, Ernest

Parsons, N.

Parsons, R.J.

Parsons, S.

Parsons, Thomas

Parsons, Wayman

Parsons, [Mrs] Ernest [full version unknown]

Partington [also known as Edge-Partington], James Edge

Patte, Etienne

Pavyer, [full version unknown]

Payne, Alfred E.

Payne, Frank

Payne, Joseph

Payne, [Mrs] M.

Peace, Charles

Peach, Harry Hardy

Peacock, Florence

Peacock, [Mrs] F.

Peake, Arthur E.

Pearson, A.

Peck, Jenny

Peck, Sandra

Peek, Cuthbert Edgar

Penniman, Thomas Kenneth

Pennington, Anne Elizabeth

Pennink, Merlin

Perceval, S.G. [probably Spencer George]

Perfect, K.

Pergamon Oxford Russian Series

Perry & Company

Petch, Alison

Philbey, J.P.

Philips, [Mrs][full version unknown]


Pickard and Curry

Pickering (also known as Mrs Henry Joule), Hannah


Piercy, E.B. or Faith

Piercy, William Coleman

Pilkington, [Miss] P. also known as Frances Meredyth

Pinches (Medallists) Ltd., John

Pinfold , Thomas


Pirou, Eugene

Pitt, [Miss][full version unknown]

Pitt-Rivers, Anthony

Pitt-Rivers, Michael

Plasted, Thomas

Plumer, E. [possibly Edward]

Pobjoy (Estreham) Ltd.

Pocock, James or [Reginald] Innes

Pohlman, Johannes or John

Pope, [Miss][full version unknown]

Popham, [family] [full version unknown]

Popple, W.

Porrett, Robert

Porter, Frederick K.

Potter , Henry

Potter , William Henry

Poulett, George

Poulton, Edward Bagnall

Poulton, Emily

Poulton, Janet

Poulton, Margaret

Poulton later known as Poulton-Palmer, Ronald William

Powell, A.S.

Powell, Frederick York

Powell, J.H.

Powell, Thomas Henry

Powys, Henrietta

Powys, [Miss] S.U.

Powys family, [full version unknown]

Pratley, W.F.

Pratley [father of W.F., Unknown

Preston and Co. [if address below is right], John

Prestwich, Joseph

Price, Frederick George Hilton

Price, George

Price, [Miss] J.M.E.

Price's Patent Candle Co.

Prideaux, William de Courcy

Prior, Suzy

Pritchard, John Emanuel

Prowse & Co. , Keith

Pumfret, Unknown

Purkis, [Mrs] T.


Puttick and Simpson

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