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Explore the database of all the people associated with the Pitt Rivers English collections. This gives information about their lives; their education, careers, place of residence, and their network of friends and colleagues. Select the first letter of their surname from the list below.

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Gadney, Robert

Gage-Brown, [Miss] E.E.

Galbraith, Joseph Allen

Galpin, [Miss] [full version unknown]

Gamble, [Mrs] C.

Gamlen, John Charles Blagdon

Gamlen, W.H. probably William Blagdon


Garrod, Dorothy Anne Elizabeth

Gaskell, [Mr] [probably Henry Brooks]

Gatty, Reginald Alfred

Gaultier SA, Jean Paul

Gee, Hugh

Geology Department Oxford University Museum of Natural History

George, B.

Gerock, Christopher

Gerock and Wolf

Gerrard and Sons, Edward

Gibbs, Emmanuel

Gibbs, Hubert L.

Gibbs, J.

Gibson & Sons Penzance


Gill, C.M.

Gill, T. possibly Thomas but also given in some sources as John

Gill, T. possibly Thomas but also given in some sources as John

Gillard, [Mrs][full version unknown]

Gillman and Soame

Gills London

Gilmour, Joanna

Gladding, B.

Gladding, D.

Glaisher, James Whitbread Lee

Glastonbury Antiquarian Society

Glendining's Auction Rooms

Gloucester Museum

Glover, George

Glover, [full version unknown]

Goble, Elizabeth

Goddard, Cecil Vincent

Goddard, [Mrs][full version unknown]

Godeffroy Museum Hamburg

Godfrey, Frank

Godwin, [Miss] O. [possibly Olive]

Goldie, Bruce Morton

Golightly, Charles Pourtales

Golightly, [Miss][full version unknown]

Goodhall [Goodall?], George


Gordon, Roderick W.

Goulding & Dalmaine or D'Almaine

Grace, Pamela

Grafton, Charles

Grafton, Ellen

Grafton, Mary

Graham, Archibald

Graham, William

Gray, Allan [or Alan]

Gray, Campbell

Gray, Florence Harriet

Gray, H.B.

Gray, Harold St. George

Gray, [full version unknown][Mr]

Great grandfather of Miss J. Watters surname unknown, [Mr] [Full name unknown]

Green, Charles

Green, Ernest J.

Green, [Mrs] [Ernest J.] [full version unknown]

Greener, W.W.

Greenhill, James [or Joseph?]

Greenwell, William

Gregory, H.G. probably Henry G.

Gregory, J.R.

Gregory, Roger

Grensted, Laurence William

Griffin, [Mrs][full version unknown]

Griffin, [Mr][full version unknown]

Griffith, Arthur Foster

Griffith, Francis Llewellyn

Griffiths, W.F.G.

Grimsley, F.

Grisewood, [Mrs][full version unknown]

Groom, Percy

Grose, [full version unknown][Mr]

Grose, [Miss] L.C.


Guest, Edith Mary

Gulliver, N.

Gunther, Albert Everard

Gunther, Robert William Theodore

Gurney, R.

Gurr, L. [possibly Louis]

Gwent Police Force

Gwynn, William

Gyles, Eleanor

Individual's Details

Laurence William Grensted

Career Religious / Academic

Biography Clergyman and academic, often based at University of Oxford [Alison Petch [as part of 'The Other Within' project 2006-9] 23/01/2007]

Biography References Who was Who 2007

Clubs & Societies British Psychological Society / Royal Entomological Society / Oxford University Anthropological Society [speaker]

County Oxfordshire

Relationship Field Collector / Other Owner / PRM Source

Archaeological or Ethnographic Archaeology

Collected around 1908

Dates active 1884-1964

Donated around 1921

English collections Stone tool

Oxford Uni College University College

Oxford Uni Education Yes

Oxford Uni date 1901-1908

Oxford based Yes

Date in Oxford 1901-1908, 1924-1950

English collection size 1

Connections Henry Balfour / Alexander James Montgomerie Bell