Analysing the English Collections at the Pitt Rivers Museum

Explore the database of all the people associated with the Pitt Rivers English collections. This gives information about their lives; their education, careers, place of residence, and their network of friends and colleagues. Select the first letter of their surname from the list below.

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H. Dixon and Sons


H.W. Taunt & Co.

Haddock, Johnny

Haddon, Alfred Cort


Halidie, [Mrs][full version unknown]

Hall, Henry Reginald Holland

Hall, Townshend M. [possibly Marshall?]

Halliday, F.C.

Halliday, William Reginald

Halstead, [Mr][full version unknown]

Hambidge, H.J. [known as Bert so therefore presumably Herbert or Hubert]

Hamilton, A.B.

Hamilton, James

Hamilton [A.B. Hamilton's father], [full version unknown]

Hampshire County Museum Service

Hands, Alfred Watson

Hanhart, M. [Michael] & N.

Harden , Donald Benjamin

Harkness, Robert

Harlen, W.


Harley, A. probably James Arthur


Harris, B.J.

Harris, Chaplin Aaron

Harris, Meryon

Harris, [Colonel][full version unknown]

Harrison, Benjamin

Harrison, James Park

Harrison, Unknown

Hart, P.

Hart, [full version unknown]

Hartland, Edwin Sidney

Hartley, Ernald George Justinian

Harvey, Godfrey Eric

Harvey, John

Harvie and Hudson

Hassall, Joan

Hastings, Rex

Hastings, Warren

Hastrick, Henry

Hatchett, Charles

Hathaway, J. possibly John

Hathaway, S.C.

Hatley, [Mrs][full version unknown]

Hawksley, G. & J.W.

Hay Wrightson London

Hayes, Violet Alice

Headington Quarry Dancers

Hearne, James

Heath, F.

Heath, Robert Vernon

Heelway Press Ltd

Heitman, [Miss][full version unknown]

Hellier, Samuel

Hemins, Edward

Hemp, Wilfred James

Henderson, Turner

Hendrie, R.

Herbert, George A.

Herbert, Thomas

Herdman, Daniel Wood

Herschel, William James

Herschel, [Lord] Richard Farrer or Farrer

Hervey , [family] [full version unknown]

Hewitt, Albert Tenyson Morley

Hewitt, H. Dixon

Hewlett, Sydney Gerald

Hey, [Miss][full version unknown]

Hey, [Mr][full version unknown]

Hicks, E.C.

Hicks, F.W.

Hicks, I.

Higgs, George

Higham, Joseph

Hildburgh, Walter Leo

Hill, E.A.B.

Hill, F.F.

Hill, J.T.

Hill, John

Hill Norman & Beard

Hill & Son, Messrs

Hill & Son, Messrs

Hills & Saunders

Hillyard and Chapman

Hilton-Simpson, Melville William

Hine, William

Hippisley, Henry

Hippisley or Shelley, Charlotte Martha

Hitchings, [full version unknown]

HMS Challenger

HMS Rattlesnake

Hoare, Katherin [or Katherine] Louisa Hart

Hoather, [Mrs] B.

Hobsbaum, R.M.

Hobson, Geraldine

Hobson, Mary Grizel

Hobson, Thomas Frederick

Hocart, Arthur Maurice

Hodder Sunday Times / The Times

Hodges, Richard Edward

Hodgson, [Mrs][full version unknown]

Hodson, [Mrs] H.R.V.

Hogarth, David George

Hogg, Alexander

Hoggett, Alan

Hohner, Matthias

Holden, Pauline

Holders Press Ltd

Hole, W.

Holford, W.J.

Holland and Holland

Hollis, Edwin

Hollis & Sons, Isaac

Honiatt, Charles

Hood, Christobel Mary

Hood, John

Hooper, James Thomas

Hopcraft, [Mrs] M.

Hopcroftson , Sarah Ann

Hope, H.F.

Hopkins, Henry

Hopkins , Mary

Hopper, Unknown

Hopper, [Mr] [full version unknown]

Hopton , [family][full versions unknown]

Hore, Annie Boyle

Hore, Edward Coode

Horrocks, Graham

Horwood, Mary

House, John

How, F.R.W.

Howard, Elliot

Howard, Elsie

Howe, James

Howe , [family][full version unknown]

Howes, Frank Norman

Howis Bows Ltd, Les

Hudson, Edward

Hudson, Eric

Hudson, Eric Carew

Hudson, John Sewell

Hudson and Co, Joseph

Hughes, Diana

Hughes, George Ravensworth

Hughes, Sydney

Hughes, Thomas McKenny

Human Anatomy Department Oxford University Museum of Natural History / Comparative Anatomy Department Oxford University Museum of Natural History

Humbert, A. [probably Alois]

Humble, [Miss][full version unknown]

Hume, [full version unknown]

Hunt, Richard William

Hunt, Val

Hurst, C.W. [possibly Cyril W.]

Hutchins, [Mr][full version unknown]

Hutchinson, Henry Neville

Hutchinson, Nigel

Hutt, J.

Hutton, J.P.H.

Hutton, John Henry

Hutton, Thomas & Joseph

Hynam, J.

Hynam (?Aynam) , John

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