Analysing the English Collections at the Pitt Rivers Museum

Explore the database of all the people associated with the Pitt Rivers English collections. This gives information about their lives; their education, careers, place of residence, and their network of friends and colleagues. Select the first letter of their surname from the list below.

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W. [unknown surname], E.H.

W. [unknown surname], J.

W. [unknown surname], M.E.

W. [unknown surname], P.A.


W.U. & C.

Wainwright, G.A. [probably Gerald Avery]

Wainwright, Geoffrey John

Waite, M.V.

Walford, Edwin Alfred

Walford and Spokes

Walker, A.

Walker, Joseph

Walker, R.

Walker, Robert Bruce Napoleon

Walker, William Henry

Walker and Cockerell

Wallace, William G.

Wallas, William

Wallis, E.

Wallis, George

Wallis, S.

Wallis , Wilson Dallam

Wallis and Wallis

Walmsley Brothers

Walpole's (shop)

Walter, Charles


Walters, Kenneth Henry


Ward, J.W.

Ward, John

Ward, Neville

Warmington, George

Warne, R.

Warner [Warner and Sons], J. [probably John]

Warren, Beatrice

Warren, Edward Prioleau

Warren, Samuel Hazzledine

Warrington, [Mrs] S.

Warry, R.

Waterhouse, C.O.

Waterhouse, Helen

Waterlow & Sons Limited

Waters, Donald J.

Waters, Keith

Waters, [Mrs] [full version unknown]

Waterton, Edmund

Watkin, [Mrs][full version unknown]


Watson, Herbert

Watson, [Mrs][full version unknown]

Watson, [Reverend Dr] [full version unknown]

Watson Bros.

Watters, Patience

Watters , [family][full versions unknown]

Watters, [Miss] J.

Watters, [Mrs] [Full name unknown]

Watts, E. Linton probably Edward Linton

Webb, Damian

Webb, [Mr] [full version unknown]

Webley and Scott Ltd. London and Birmingham

Webster, James

Webster, William Downing

Wedgwood and Bentley

Weeden & Sons, C.

Weiss & Son , J.

Welch, C. [probably Christopher]

Weldon, Florence Joy

Wellcome, Henry Solomon

Wellcome Historical Medical Museum

Weller, James

Wells, D.P.

Wells, Robert

Welsh, George


Wessex Crafts


Western Morning News

Westley Richards & Co. London

Weston, A.

Westwood, John Obadiah

Wharton, Thomas

Wheal, Jesse

Wheatstone, Charles

Wheeler, [Mr][full version unknown]

Whintle, C.

Whitaker, William

Whitaker, [Mr][full version unknown]

White, Frederick

White, Gilbert

White, Kate

White, Richard

White, W.W.

White, [Mr][full version unknown]

Whitehead, E.E.

Whitehead, John

Whiting, F.C.

Wicks, W.

Wigg, F.

Wild, Oliver H.

Wild, Robert Powley

Wilkes, Emily

Wilkes, John

Wilkes, [Mr][full version unknown]

Wilkins, Bertie

Wilkins, Frankie

Wilkins, [Mrs] P.

Wilkins, [Mrs] [Robert Francis] [full version unknown]

Wilkins, [Mrs][full version unknown]

Wilkinson, Arthur

Wilkinson, Bim

Wilkinson, Chris

Wilkinson, Joan

Wilkinson, Pino

Wilkinson, Walter

Wilkinson, Winifred

Wilkinson Sword Co.

Willett, Edgar [possibly Edgar W.]

Willett, Henry

Williams, F.

Williams, Francis

Williams, Moza

Williams, P.

Williams, Vaughan

Williams, W.H.

Williamson, W.E.

Williamson, [full version unknown] [W.E. Williamson's father]

Willis, George W.


Wilson, Bessie

Wilson, Edward Thomas

Wilson, Frost

Wilson, Ida

Wilson, Raymond

Wilton Carpet factory

Wimborne Lord , possibly Ivor Bertie Guest or Ivor Churchill Guest

Winkfield, Brian

Winter, Jemima

Winterbourn, Colin

Wintle, Algernon Ogle

Wise of Bristol

Wither's of Leicester

Witts, Edne


Wolfson College University of Oxford

Wood, B.C.

Wood, Charles F.

Wood, Dorothea

Wood, Edith

Wood, Felicity S.

Wood, John George

Wood, Sylvia

Wood, William

Wood and Ivy George Wood

Woodall, Executors of Herbert J.

Woodall, Herbert J.

Woodbury Permanent Photographic Printing Company

Woodforde, F.C. [possibly Francis Cardew]

Woodforde, James

Woodgate's (shop)

Woodhouse, [full version unknown]

Woodroffe, Duncan

Woodthorpe, John Bolton

Woodthorpe, Robert Gosset

Woolston, [Mr][full version unknown]


Wootton, Anthony

Wrench, Edward Mason

Wright, A.

Wright, Arthur Robinson

Wright, Bryce McMurdo

Wright, Charles

Wright, Edith

Wright, Elizabeth Mary

Wright, Ivan

Wright, Robert Murdoch

Wright, [Mrs] W.J.

Wright also known as (Mrs C.B. Dix), Dorothy

Wrightson, John

Wyatt, [Mr][full version unknown]

Wyatt, [Mr][full version unknown]

Wyatt, [Unnamed son of George]

Wyndham, Heathcote

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