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B. [full version unknown], S. [full version unknown]

Badcock, [Miss] possibly Laura Medford

Baddeley, [Mrs] Welbore St.Clair

Baden-Powell, Donald Ferlys Wilson

Baden-Powell, Francis

Baden-Powell, George Smyth

Bagshawe, Thomas W. possibly Thomas Wyatt

Bainbridge & Wood

Baker, J.B.

Baker, R.J.

Baker, S.S.

Baker, Thomas

Baldwin , Albert Henry

Baldwin & Sons, A.H.

Balen, Henry

Bales, [full version unknown]

Balfour, Henry

Balfour, Lewis [sometimes spelt Louis]

Balfour, Sarah Walker Comber

Balfour, [Miss] K.

Ball, [Captain]

Ballard, [Mr] possibly Charles

Bankes, George

Banks, Joseph

Banks, Mary MacLeod

Banks Brothers, Messrs


Barbeau, Frederic Charles Joseph Marius

Barber, Giles Gaudard

Barber, W.

Barber, W. from J. Hynam's London

Barkentin and Krall

Barnes, Alfred Schwartz

Barnes, [Mr][full version unknown]

Barnet, J.

Barnett, T.G. probably Thomas G.

Barnwell, Foote

Barrett, Alfred

Barrett, Charles Raymond Booth

Barrett, Joseph

Barrett [1], Joseph

Barrett-Lennard, Anna Meredith

Barrow, William

Barry, John Alexander

Barter, [Mr][full version unknown]

Bartlett, Hannah Maria

Barwell, James

Bassano Ltd

Bate Collection of Musical Instruments shop

Bateman, A.

Bateman, F.H.

Bateman, J.

Bateman, [full version unknown] [probably not other Batemans]

Bather, Francis Arthur

Battersby, Caryl James

Batty, Beatrice Braithwaite

Bayfield, T.G.

Bayley & Blew

Bayzand, Charles J.

Beale and Sons, Joshua

Beard, Charles Relly

Beasley, Albert H.

Beasley, Harry Geoffrey

Beasley, Irene Marguerite

Beck? , [full version unknown] could be J.

Becket, James

Beckit , [Mr][full version unknown] possibly Henry Oliver

Bedford, R.H.

Beeson, Cyril Frederick Cherrington

Beevor, Hugh Reeve

Begg, E.J. probably Elsie J.

Belcher, [Mrs][full version unknown]

Bell, Alexander James Montgomerie

Bell, Archibald Colquhoun

Bell, [Miss] E.C.

Bell & Black

Bell and Co. / ?R. Bell & Co.

Bellamy, F.A. [probably Frank Arthur]

Bellman-Horton, [Mrs][full version unknown]

Benda, Kovena

Bennett, F.H.

Berkeley, Alice

Berkeley, Hubert

Berkeley, Wolstan Edward Francis

Berney-Ficklin, [[full version unknown but probably Philip]

Berry, Henry

Berthon, Henry Edward

Best Products Ltd.

Bewick and Alex Bewick Blackburn

Biba Ltd.

Bicknell, E. Elizabeth

Biden, [Colonel] possibly Horatio

Bidwell, Edward

Bidwell, T.J.

Billington, Dora


Bingham, Cyril Hugh

Binney, E.H.

Birch Reynardson, William John

Birch-Reynardson, John

Bishop, L.G.

Bishop, Walter William

Bishop & Co., John

Blackman, Winifred Susan

Blackwood, Beatrice Mary

Blackwood or King, [full version unknown][Mrs James][aka Mrs King] possibly Mary

Blagrave, George

Blagrave [George Blagrave's father], [full version unknown]

Blake, [Miss] [full version unknown]

Blakiston, Herbert Edward Douglas

Blanch & Son, John

Bland , Laura Emily

Bland & Weller, A.

Blaydon, [Mr][full version unknown]

Blews and Sons, W.

Bligh, William

Blinkhorns of Banbury

Blonde, Nicholas

Bodleian Library

Bolton, [Mr][full version unknown]

Bombay Emporium

Bompas, Harold Buckland

Bond, Cecil Earl

Bond, Henry

Bond, Thomas

Bone, Brian

Borrer, Charles Alexander

Bosanquet, Eustace Fulcrand

Botanic Garden University of Oxford

Bourne, Gilbert Charles

Bournemouth Central Workers' Club

Bowden, [Miss] L.A.

Bowditch, Kenneth

Bowen, Bernard

Bowen, Emanuel

Bowle, John

Bowles, R.

Bowly, William

Bowly, [Miss] F.B.

Bowman, Herbert Lister

Bradford, John Spencer Purvis

Bradford, Patience

Bradford, [Misses][full versions unknown]

Bradley or Brady

Bradshaw, Mary

Bramble, [Mrs][full version unknown]

Brander , [Martin] & [Thomas] Potts

BrasilConnects Office

Braun Melsungen AG

Brenchley, Charles George Bristow

Brent, Cecil

Brereton , [family][full versions unknown]

Bressan or Jaillard, Peter or Pierre

Brewer, [Mrs][full version unknown]

Brewster, David

Brice, Walter Charles

Bridges, Geoffrey J.

Bridges, John

Bridgman or Bridgeman, James

Brightmore, John H.

Brindley Heath Potteries

Bristow, C.C.

British Association [for the Advancement of Science], Committee of the / Council of the

British Medical Association

British Museum, Trustees

British Non-Ferrous Metals Research Association

British Pullmatch Match Co. Ltd

British Telecom

British W Made

Broadhead and Co.

Broadwood and Son, John

Brock , Mr [full version unknown]

Brocock Ltd.

Bromley School of Art

Brooke, W.J.

Brooke, [Mrs] [full version unknown] possibly Jane

Brooks, J.H.

Brooks, Sheila

Brooks, Sue

Broughton-Tyrell Dental Laboratory

Browell, A.V.

Brown, Albert Wiliiam

Brown, Edward

Brown, Frederick J.

Brown, Horace Tabberer

Brown, James

Brown, John Howard

Brown, R.

Brown, T.J.

Brown, [Mr][full version unknown]

Brownjohn, Caroline

Brownjohn, John

Browns [or] ? Browne

Bruerton, A.E.

Brunnschweiler & Co (ABC)., A.

Brunton, Carmela

Bryan, H.C.J.

Bryant and May

Bryce, James

Bubb, Evelyn Maude

Bubear, [Mr] possibly William

Buchanan, Florence

Buchinger, Joseph

Buck, Edward

Buck, Jane

Buck, Margaret

Buck and Hickman Ltd, Messrs

Buckland, Frank Trevelyan

Buckland, William

Buckley, Francis

Buller, Walter Lawry

Bullock, Elizabeth Anne

Bullock, Jonathan

Bullock, [Miss] M.E. possibly Margaret Emily

Bullock & Co., W.

Buonand, R.

Burchell, Anna

Burchell, James Percy Tufnell

Burchell, William John

Burdett, [Mrs] W.

Burgess, William

Burroughs Wellcome & Co.

Burrows, S.D. [probably Sydney D. Burrows]

Burrows, [Miss][probably Christine Mary Elizabeth]

Burrows, [Mrs][full version unknown]

Busby, Gordon

Busby, John

Busby [father of Gordon Busby], [?Mr][full version unknown]

Busby [grandfather of Gordon Busby], [?Mr][full version unknown]

Bushnell, Arthur John de Havilland

Butcher , [sisters][full versions unknown]

Butler, Patricia M.

Butler, [Mrs] M.

Butler and Co., George

Butterfield, William Ruskin

Buxton, Denis Alfred Jex

Buxton, Elspeth

Buxton, Henry W.

Buxton, Jean Carlile

Buxton, Leonard Halford Dudley

Buxton, Ronald Carlile

Buxton, [Lady][probably Catherine Anne Buxton nee Gurney or possibly Lady Victoria Buxton nee Noel]

Individual's Details

Archibald Colquhoun Bell

Career Royal Navy / Historian

Biography Son of Alexander James Montgomerie Bell, donated collection to Pitt Rivers Museum. Served for many years in Royal Navy carrying out research into naval history [Alison Petch [as part of 'The Other Within' project 2006-9] 05/01/2007]

Biography References Who was Who 2001

County Too many counties to list

Relationship PRM Source

Archaeological or Ethnographic Archaeology Other

Dates active ?-1958

Donated around 1920

Owned 1920

English collections Stone tool collections of Alexander James Montgomerie Bell [qv]

Oxford Uni Education No

Oxford based No

English collection size 3242

Connections Alexander James Montgomerie Bell