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Explore the database of all the people associated with the Pitt Rivers English collections. This gives information about their lives; their education, careers, place of residence, and their network of friends and colleagues. Select the first letter of their surname from the list below.

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Tagliabue, J. probably John

Tamkin, A.

Taphouse, Thomas William

Taphouse and Son Ltd, Charles

Tarplett , Barbara Katherine

Tarplett, C.F. [could be Cecil F.]

Taunt, Henry William

Tayler, Ione

Taylor, Catherine

Taylor, Ernest

Taylor, G.

Taylor, H.J.

Taylor, J.

Taylor, J.N.

Taylor, Jasper

Taylor, John

Taylor, John

Taylor, Mary

Taylor, T.

Taylor, William Ernest

Taylor, [Miss] A.M.

Taylor, [Miss] P.M.

Taylor, [Mrs] K.D.

Tearle, J.

Tempest, Robert

Temple, Richard Carnac

Temples, Christopher


Thambisetty, Shiva

Thames Sub-aqua club

Thames Valley Police / Thames Valley Police Firearms Division

Thesiger, Wilfred Patrick

Thistleton-Dyer, William Turner

Thomas, Charis E.F.

Thomas, Northcote Whitbridge

Thomas, W.

Thomas and Co Ltd, Chas. [Charles]

Thompson, J.M. possibly James Matthew

Thompson, Reginald Campbell

Thompson, [Mrs] J.M. possibly Mari Meredyth

Thomson, Arthur

Thomson, John

Thomson, Mary

Thornton, [Mr][full version unknown but possibly John]

Thorold, James

Thorold, John Charles

Thurkle, Edward

Tiddeman, Richard Hill

Tiddeman, [Mrs] Richard Hill

Timms, John Frederick

Tinbergen, Janet

Tindall, A.O.

Tobar Ltd.


Toms, A.E. probably Alfred E.

Toms, Herbert Samuel

Toms, [full version unknown] [Alfred E. Toms father]

Topical Press Agency London, Not relevant

Towney, [Mr] [full version unknown]

Townsend, J.

Townshend, Richard Baxter

Toye & Co. Ltd.

Toynbee, [Captain] [probably Henry]

Tracey, Hugh

Trafford, Joseph

Tranter, William

Treacher, LLewellyn

Treble, F.

Tree, Chris

Tresize, Joseph

Trim, Henry

Trim, [Mrs] Henry probably Mary

Truscott, [Mrs][full version unknown]

Trustees of the estate of George P. Elphick, Unknown

Tucker, John H.

Tuckett, Francis Fox


Turner, Geoffrey E.S.

Turner, Ruth [probably Ruth Margaret Whyte]

Turner, Thomas

Turner, [Mrs Dr][full version unknown]

Turvey, Kathleen

Turvey, Newton

Turvey, William

Twining, Francis

Twizell, William

Tylecote, Ronald Frank

Tylor, Anna

Tylor, Dorothy

Tylor, Edward Burnett

Tylor, Executors of Anna

Tyrrell, [full version unknown]

Tyrwhitt, Robert

Tyrwhitt , [family][full versions unknown]

Individual's Details

Ione Tayler

Career Librarian

Biography Wife of Donald Tayler, Curator at the Pitt Rivers Museum [Alison Petch [as part of 'The Other Within' project 2006-9] 14/11/2007]

County Oxfordshire

Relationship PRM Source

Archaeological or Ethnographic Photographs

Date made around 1997

Dates active Restricted information due to Data Protection Act

Donated around 1997

English collections Photographs of museum staff, PRM

Oxford Uni Education Yes

Oxford based Yes

English collection size 5

Connections Annette Snapp