Analysing the English Collections at the Pitt Rivers Museum

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Acquisition events that formed the Oxfordshire collections at the Pitt Rivers Museum

Alison Petch,
Researcher 'The Other Within' project


Donors with one only occasion of donation to the PRM of objects from Oxfordshire

Mamoru Abe
The Acland Hospital
Marina de Alarcón
Basil Charles Allchin
Ivor Michael Allen
Harry or Henry George William d'Almaine
Antique and Modern Furnishing Company
Daniel J. Arkell
Ashmolean Museum
Amy Austen
R.J. Baker
F.H. Bateman
Beatrice Braithwaite Batty
Mr Beckit possibly Henry Oliver Beckit
Cyril Frederick Cherrington Beeson
Archibald Colquhoun Bell
F.A. Bellamy probably Frank Arthur Bellamy
E. Elizabeth Bicknell
Winifred Susan Blackman
Miss Blake
Bodleian Library via Librarian (probably Arthur Ernest Cowley)
Harold Buckland Bompas via British Museum
Brian Bone
Eustace Fulcrand Bosanquet
Misses Bradford
British Medical Association
Mr Brown
R. Brown
T.J. Brown
H.C.J. Bryan
John Busby
H. Cane
George Reginald Carline
Roadnight Carter
Mr Cassell
Miller Christy
L.K.M. Cocks per Kenneth Page Oakley
George Coggins
Herbert Henery Coghlan, Newbury Museum
J.R. Corbey possibly James R. Corby
J Cossar possibly James Cossar
Julia Cousins
Chris Crowe
W. Curill
Charles Dack
G.H. Dennis
Harold Arthur Lee-Dillon
Andrew Dipper
Theodore Dodds
The Dorchester Weavers
Mrs Roger Meaden Downes
Arthur East
The Trustees of the Estate of George Philip Elphick
Constance Moreton Eversley, via Robert William Theodore Gunther
The Senior Common Room, Exeter College, Oxford
Mrs L. Faulkner
Miss C.D. Fletcher
B. George
Gillman and Soame
Cecil Vincent Goddard
Frank Godfrey
Arthur Foster Griffith via Francis Llewellyn Griffith
Mrs Grisewood
H.J. Hambidge
Ernald George Justinian Hartley
Headington Quarry Dancers
Wilfred James Hemp
Turner Henderson
Quentin Quixano Henriques
William James Herschel per Mrs Philips
J.T. Hill
William Hine
Thomas Frederick Hobson
David George Hogarth
John Hood
Mr Hutchins through J.P. Harrison [James Park Harrison?]
J. Hutt
Margaret F. Irvine
W.F. Lloyd James
Joe Johnson
Mr Jones
Bent Einer Juel-Jensen and C. Mary Juel-Jensen
Henry George Ommaney Kendall
Kent (Ironmongers)
J.B. Kirby
Chantal Mary Knowles
Francis Gerald William Knowles
Mrs and Dr Thomas Lawrence
Edward Thurlow Leeds
Frederick John Lewis
Lomax Palaeo-Botanical Laboratories
President & Fellows of Magdalen College (?S.S. Baker)
Robert Haldane Makgill
Edmund Aubrey Malaher
Mrs D. Manning
Miriam Maselkowski, c/o Didcot Girls' School
John Nicholas Mavrogordato
H.N. McLeod
Kate and Joseph Grafton Milne
H. Minn
Henry John Reynolds Moreton [Earl of Ducie]
George Sheppard Morgan
Howard Morphy
Henry Nottidge Moseley
Mrs Gerard Moultine per Arthur East
Linda Mowat
Violet Murray
John Linton Myres
Mrs L.M. Neale via Donald Benjamin Harden Ashmolean Museum
Louis Neville
Mrs P. Newdigate
The Warden [William Archibald Spooner] and Fellows [properly, Scholars] of New College
L.W. Organ
Charles Overy
Oxford City Council via M. Saunders
Oxford University Museum of Natural History (Comparative Anatomical Department)
Catherine E. Parsons
N. Parsons
Frank Payne
Anne Elizabeth Pennington
Alison Petch
Thomas Plasted
Frederick York Powell
J.H. Powell
John Emanuel Pritchard
John Rigaud
Miss Rigaud
James Ritchie
Derrick N. Riley
Augustus Henry Lane Fox Pitt Rivers
Frederick William Robins
Alfred Robinson
G.L. Rogers
Mr Rogers [could be ?G.L. Rogers]
K.G. Rook
Margaret O'Rorke
George Augustus Rowell
Nigel Scaysbrook
The Sharpe Trustees
Shepherd and Woodward
G. Shorey
Mrs Steven or Stephen William Silver
Melville William Hilton-Simpson
The Executors of the Charles Smith Estate, per Alfred T. Collier
Amabel Nevill Sollas
William Johnson Sollas
William Horace Boscawen Somerset
Somerset Archaeological Society via Somerset County Museum, Taunton
Gordon Stacey
Stevens Auction Rooms
A.J.W. Stonebridge
Charles J.B. Stopes
C.H. Sutcliff
H.P. Symonds possibly Horatio Percy Symonds
Thomas William Taphouse
H.J. Taylor
Jasper Taylor
Mrs K.D. Taylor
J. Tearle
Thames Valley Police
Arthur Thomson
Mrs Turner
Ruth Turner probably Ruth Margaret Whyte Turner
Anna Tylor
Curators of the University Parks, Oxford
Mrs S. Vatsala via Shiva Thambisetty
Mary Venables
Miss Venables
M.V. Waite
Joseph Walker
R. Walker
Jesse Wheal
John Wilkes, per Beatrice Blackwood
Henry Willett
F. Williams
Colin Winterbourn
F.C. Woodforde possibly Francis Cardew Woodforde
Mrs W.J. Wright
Mr Wyatt
William Henry Young