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Thomas Nevill Carleton Nevill

Career Military

Biography Born Thomas Nevill Carleton Stiff, and was the nephew of Charles Henry Nevill, who owned Bramall Hall from 1883-1916. He and his wife had no children, so they adopted Thomas and changed his name so that he would inherit the Hall and it would thereby stay in the Nevill family. In 1910 he married a Celia Mills. He was a member of the Territorials and was called up when the 1st World War broke out. He served in the 42nd (East Lancashire) Division and in 1914 he went to Gallipoli. He was ill and declared unfit for further service and was at home when his uncle died, allowing him to take over the Hall immediately. 5 years later and with no heir, he moved to London and left the Hall up for sale with a caretaker in charge. [Thanks to Amanda Phillipson, Formal Learning Manager, Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council for this information][Alison Petch [as part of 'The Other Within' project 2006-9] 09/03/2007]

Biography References http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bramall_Hall

County Cheshire

Relationship Other Owner / PRM Source

Archaeological or Ethnographic Archaeology

Collected around 1925

Dates active Before 1910-after 1925

Donated around 1925

English collections Wooden spade reinforced with iron around the cutting edges

Oxford Uni Education Unknown

Oxford based No

English collection size 1