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Firearms in the collections at the Pitt Rivers Museum

The interactive map shown below shows the number of accession book entries relating to firearms in the collections at the Pitt Rivers Museum. Please note that entries without any detailed information pertaining to their location have not been included on this map. Locations which have items in the collection are indicated by the dots on the map, with dot shading indicating how many records are from a given location. Hover the mouse over a dot to see a pop up containing the name of the location, the ceremonial county in which the settlement is located, and the number of accession book entries relating to items from the location. Clicking on a dot will open a new page containing detailed information about the items from the selected location.

To zoom into a region on the map, hold down the left mouse button and draw a box covering the area you wish to view (note: it is best to start drawing your box from an area clear of dots, such as the ocean, to avoid clicking on a location containing a pop-up). When you release the mouse button you will then zoom into this region and have a clearer view of the spread of dots. You can zoom out by clicking on clear green or blue space on the map, or using the zoom out button in the bottom right hand corner. There are scroll buttons at the edge of the map, to allow you to scroll up and down and left and right.

Along with these interactive maps, there are a number of other static maps which provide statistical information about the collections based on ceremonial counties, item types, and other categories. These maps can be viewed on the Map Analysis Page    |    About the mapis.html">map analysis pages.