Analysing the English Collections at the Pitt Rivers Museum

Individuals and Institutions associated with Pitt Rivers Museum's English purchases 1884-2008

Alison Petch,
Researcher 'The Other Within' project

English artefacts have been purchased from a range of people between 1884 and 2008, some of them are dealers and some are commercial organizations like shops, but others are just individuals. Interestingly, some of the individuals chose sometimes to donate (that is, to give for nothing) artefacts to the museum, and at other times to sell their artefacts.

The relationships between these people and the Museum is different in almost every case, this will be considered in detail elsewhere. This page just gives the names of the people who sold material to the museum from England. You can find out more about each of these individuals on this database.

Abrams ?Henry Edward Abrams
Sydney Acott and Company Ltd
Gwladys Marguerite Allchin
Reginald Andrade
Antique and Modern Furnishing Company
Albert Henry Baldwin of A.H. Baldwin & Sons
J. Barnet
J. Bateman
R.H. Bedford
Alexander James Montgomerie Bell
Archibald Colquhoun Bell
F.H. Bennett
Laura Emily Bland
H.C.J. Bryan
Messrs Buck and Hickman Ltd
Mrs W. Burdett
H. Cane
Michael Cardew
Roadnight Carter
Thomas James Carter
Mr Cassell
Frederick Michael Casson
Jeremy Coote
J.R. Corbey possibly James R. Corby
Messrs Cox and Company
Vicar and churchwardens, Cuddington Parish Church per Anthony John Arkell
W.J. Curtis
Eva Cutter also known as Mrs William Downing Webster
Charles Dack
The Dorchester Weavers
Victor Robert Edwards
Mrs L. Faulkner
S.G. Fenton and Company
W.A. Ford
Ewart C. Freeston
B. George
C.M. Gill
Gillman and Soame
D. and B. Gladding
Cecil Vincent Goddard
Frank Godfrey
Miss O. Godwin possibly Olive Godwin
Archibald Graham
Allan Gray
J.R. Gregory
H.J. Hambidge
Benjamin Harrison
F. Heath
George A. Herbert
Sydney Gerald Hewlett
George Higgs
J.T. Hill
David George Hogarth
H.F. Hope
Sydney Hughes
J. Hutt
Ipswich Museum per Patricia M. Butler
Mr Jones
H.W. Jones and Son
James Keggie
A.A. Kennedy
The Kensington Weavers
Kent Ironmongers
J.B. Kirby
F.W. Knowles probably Francis Howe Seymour Knowles
Francis Howe Seymour Knowles
E. Lacey
Lafayette Ltd
George Fabian Lawrence
Rowland Lee or Lea
David Andrew Leach
Michael Leach
Frederick John Lewis
Edward Lovett
A.J. probably Albert J. Luckhurst
Albert Marshall
Miriam Maselkowski,
T.J. Mason
Joseph Meads
Messrs Mellersh of Godalming
Linda Mowat
Julia Nicholson
Mr Nix
Miss E.F. Noel probably Emilia Frances Noel
Margaret O'Rorke
Charles Overy
William H. Parker
Jenny Peck
J.P. Philbey
Thomas Plasted
J.H. Powell
Charles Roberts
James Frank Robieson
Mr Rogers could be ?G.L. Rogers
F.G. Sanson
Nicholas J. Saunders
Mrs E.M. Scutt
G. Shorey
The Executors of the Charles Smith Estate, per Alfred T. Collier
Fred Snare
J. Snow
William Johnson Sollas
Gordon Stacey
C.J. Stanley
Stevens Auction Rooms
G. Storey
C.H. Sutcliff
Emma Swann
Alphonse or Albert James Alroy Symons
Thomas William Taphouse
Charles Taphouse and Son Ltd
Miss A.M. Taylor
Geoffrey E.S. Turner
John Venables and Son
M.V. Waite
Walford and Spokes
Joseph Walker
Wallis and Wallis
Mr Warmington probably George Warmington
Mrs S. Warrington
R. Warry
C.O. Waterhouse
William Downing Webster
E.E. Whitehead
Oliver H. Wild
F. Williams
Francis Williams
Ida Wilson
Raymond Wilson
Algernon Ogle Wintle
Mr Wyatt