Analysing the English Collections at the Pitt Rivers Museum

Sellers' relationships with PRM Part 2

Surnames F-H

Alison Petch,
Researcher 'The Other Within' project

This table (and that shown in Parts 1, 2, and 4) list all the vendors to the English collections at the Pitt Rivers Museum between 1884 and 2008. This table covers surnames F-H.

The final column seeks to show whether the Pitt Rivers Museum is known to have actively sought the purchased items from the vendor or had a passive relationship with them, where the vendor actively sought to sell specific items to the Museum. In some cases the relationship is unclear, in others it is probably either active or passive, and in a very few cases it is clear that the museum did not seek the relationship (i.e. was completely passive, and merely capitalised on a contact made deliberately by the vendor) or that the museum actively sought specific artefacts from specific sources to complement its displays or address specific points in its special exhibitions or displays.

Some preliminary conclusions about the purchases of English artefacts are drawn here.


Biography & Relationship with PRM

Active or passive relationship on the part of the Museum

Mrs L. Faulkner

3 items were purchased from Mrs Faulkner, one in March 1929 and two in December 1930. All the items were from her home village. She was paid 7/6 and a £1 respectively. Nothing is known of this vendor

Possibly passive

S.G. Fenton and Company

Dealer, dealer and auctioneer of ethnographic objects and worked in London from New Oxford Street, and Leicester Square, London. Sometimes referred to as Messrs. Fenton or S.G. Fenton and Sons, sometimes the individual was being dealt with and sometimes the company. Many items were purchased from this source between 1895-1926, from many countries, and it is clear that there was a relationship between the dealer and Balfour


W.A. Ford

12 brass horse ornaments were purchased from this source, who lived in Birmingham, in June 1910 for 9/- from petty cash

Possibly passive

Ewart C. Freeston

A model of HMS Resolution was commissioned by the Museum and purchased from Freeston, a model ship-builder, in 1972. This must have been an active commission because external funding was obtained for the purchase from the V&A Purchase grant fund.


B. George

Glass-blower, Electrical Laboratory, Oxford according to accession book. This must have been another active commission as George made 4 reproduction blown-glass flask lens used for lace-making for display. He was paid £1.10 for his work


C.M. Gill

Items previously in Pitt Rivers founding collection which for some reason were not donated to the Pitt Rivers Museum in 1884 but were later purchased by Gill and sold to t he Museum in 1992. They are from countries including England


Gillman and Soame

In September 1941 Penniman purchased an enlargement of a photograph of Makereti weaving for exhibition. Gillman and Soame are Oxford photographers.


D. and B. Gladding

Carpet manufacturers based in Camberwell London according to accession book. The museum (probably Penniman) purchased carpet looms and related tools in January 1942, they were later transferred to the V&A and then Wilton.


Cecil Vincent Goddard

A clergyman from Salisbury, he sold many (global) items to the Museum between 1892-1929. Given the long length of his association with the Museum he is likely to have both initiated sales and been approached


Frank Godfrey

A antique furniture dealer based in 50 St Giles, Oxford, he was the source of quite a few objects from many places for the Museum between 1906-1913


Miss O. Godwin possibly Olive Godwin

Miss Godwin also donated artefacts to the Museum. She sold several negatives which she had photographed of museum artefacts. She worked at the Ashmolean Museum, though little is known of her


Archibald Graham

Antiquary, bookseller and dealer based in High Street, Oxford. He was the source of several items from different parts of the world


Allan Gray

Two separate purchases in November 1933 and December 1934 of agricultural material, he lived in Beckford, Gloucestershire. He wrote to the Museum seeking to sell the items. He was paid £2.12 and £1


J.R. Gregory

A one-off purchase of pyrites cut to fit specimens in the collection, he could have been a dealer, he was paid £1.4.7 for the specimens?


H.J. Hambidge

Museum assistant also described as laboratory assistant, later Senior Laboratory Steward, who worked in Department of Geology at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. He started work in the Museum in 1907 and retired in 1957, a total of 50 years service. His long service means that he must have known PRM staff well. He donated material as well as sold it. He sold negatives of PRM English artefacts and lecture material in 1944 and 1945

Active? It seems clear that Hambidge was asked to take photographs of the artefacts etc and then paid for his work

Benjamin Harrison

Grocer and archaeologist who worked in Kent, he found many stone tools and eoliths. He sold 23 Kent stone tools to the Museum in December 1895


F. Heath

A one off purchase of pins found in a river in July 1926, nothing is known of the vendor

Probably passive

George A. Herbert

An ironmonger and furniture dealer from Blockley who sold several items to the Museum in March and September 1912 for shillings

Probably passive

Sydney Gerald Hewlett

Schoolmaster and archaeologist, he lived in Brighton, Sussex. He sold many items to the museum between 1897-1934. He obviously knew Balfour who he corresponded with. He was paid quite large sums [the largest was £15]


George Higgs

A one-off purchase of a harmonium in 1940 for £1.5, probably activated by Penniman. Higgs lived in Oxford


J.T. Hill

In June 1906 Hill sold a collection of stone tools he had found himself to the Museum, for which he was paid £5 from petty cash. He lived in Oxford

Unclear but possibly passive

David George Hogarth

Archaeologist, traveller, and Keeper of the Ashmolean from 1908-1927. Hogarth donated several artefacts to the museum but sold a large number of stone tools to the Museum on behalf of Powell and Davis of Wallingford for £4 in 1911

Probably passive

H.F. Hope

Possibly a dealer, from Christchurch, Dorset. He sold two Indonesian objects for 25/- and a pole axe head for 7/6 in 1916

Probably passive

Sydney Hughes

Possibly a dealer, from Oxford he sold two musical instruments to the Museum in 1940, one from Norwich for £3.17.6

Probably passive

J. Hutt

Lived in Hanborough, Oxfordshire, nothing is known of this donor except he sold a stone tool from Hanborough for 4/- [paid from petty cash] in October 1907

Probably passive